Chris Brush as Producer

Bringing creativity and focus to your project

What can Chris do as Producer?

Chris Helming a Session at PlethoraTone
As a producer Chris can help bring your next project to life. He communicates well with people and enjoys helping the artist craft a unique statement through music. Chris works well as a producer in the traditional sense – i.e. as the facilitator between skilled personnel on the creative side, the business side, and the artist. However, Chris truly thrives as a more involved producer – a description in keeping with modern industry trends. Chris can both save the artist a little bit of their budget and ensure a singularity of vision from start to finish because he is capable of recording, programming/sequencing, and mixing a project, in addition to overseeing the usual tasks of project/budget management and creative vision.

Chris’ Process

When Chris takes on a project, the recording process usually goes something like this:

  • evaluate material with artist and either tweak and polish existing songs, or write new songs (includes arranging of co-writes with other writers if necessary)
  • prepro – demoing of the songs to be cut
  • rehearsal – Chris usually records rehearsals for band projects and uses tracks as prepro to supplement initial sequencing
  • rhythm tracking – tracking all main instruments. This can be done by tracking everyone simultaneously or individually (building instrument by instrument) — whatever the artist finds more comfortable.
  • overdubs – any additional recording. This can take place over the course of several smaller sessions.
  • vocals – tracking any and all vocals (includes editing and tuning if needed or requested)
  • mix – generally a tune a day
  • tweaks – the artist comes in (or Skypes in) and the mix is tweaked based on the client’s suggestions
  • mastering – the final mixes go to mastering
  • delivery of assets – all raw tracks, mix sessions, 24 bit mixes (instrumental, TV, and performance) are handed off to the artist at the project’s conclusion

What Do People Say?

See what people have said about Chris as a producer.

  • I firmly believe that every artist needs two qualities in a producer: production skill and passion. And Chris Brush has both. From folk to rock, electronic to pop – each and every project sounds unbelievable and unique. At the same time, he brings a ton of passion to each project. Chris never settles for second best, and he pushes everyone to the best of their ability, going above and beyond to ensure that our voice and our heart is captured in the recording and comes through in the final mix. I would recommend Chris to any artist or band. I loved working with him, and most of all, I loved the final product!
    Nathan Piche – Article One
  • As a producer, he [uses his] skills to oversee and pull together unforseen components and lift performances to a musical moment. To sum it up, Chris just gets it.  He always defines and arrives at what I am going for.
    Jason Germain – Downhere
  • I’ve had the privilege of working with Chris on multiple occasions. Everything from playing the part of a hired guitarist on a project he’s producing [to] directing a session that we hired Chris to engineer and edit at his own studio. He’s an absolutely wonderful person to work with first and foremost, and his skill level and work ethic is unsurpassed.
    Tim Rosenau – guitarist for TobyMac and Diversity
  • Chris Brush is an absolute joy to work with. He listens to me as an artist and teaches me all along the way. His programming skills are totally genius! I would entrust him with every project I have ahead of me.
    Pricilla Coffey
  • Chris is an all around talent whose involvement on any level elevates a project. I’ve hired him for mixing, performance, and top to bottom production and he continually exceeds expectations.
    David Dewese