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What you can do at PlethoraTone

What Can YOU Do Here?

Great music is made by inspired people. At PlethoraTone we have a burning desire to inspire! Our spaces, gear, and backline are all at your disposal to achieve your unique sonic vision. Whether a demo session, custom record, or mixing project, we’re up for just about anything! The possibilities here allow for limitless creativity. Here are a few ways we serve our clients.

Full Production

  • Draw from the production and engineering experience of Mark Lange and/or Chris Brush
  • Soft and acoustic to crunchy and loud… We really do enjoy tons of different musical styles. Good music is good music
  • We have a desire to help every artist that comes through our door to find themselves and leave with a project that represents their unique creative voice


  • Up to 64-channels simultaneously recorded into our Pro Tools 10 HD system
  • Server-based backup of your recorded tracks for 60 days to make sure that nothing is ever lost — ever
  • An exhaustive variety of mics and outboard processing equipment to sculpt your sound
  • 16-channel headphone mixer system that allows the musician independent control of their mix
  • Lots and lots and lots of guitars, basses, drums, synths, keyboards, stompboxes, noisemakers, speakers, electronics, and whatnot
  • All recording rooms are sonically isolated and designed to provide the flattest and most natural frequency response possible


  • Equipped for mixing in-the-box or with significant outboard processing and effects
  • 80 channel custom-built Neumann summing mixer
  • Custom dual TI PCM1794 DA converter with Analog Devices 4898 op amps
  • Monitor switching between three sets of near-fields
  • 24-fader touch-sensitive mixing surface
  • Tascam DA-3000 stereo master recorder for digitally archiving pristine mixes
  • Plugins from Waves, UAD, Lexicon, PSP, Steven Slate Digital, and other major developers
  • Sonically tuned and balanced control room environment


  • We offer reasonable rates and package deals
  • Contact us for more information

Why PlethoraTone? What makes PlethoraTone studio such a unique recording experience?

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