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29 Sep 2014

How Full Is Your Gear Glass?

The Half-Full Glass - Improvised SolutionsEver been in love with an idea, but have the mental romance erode into a harsh reality?

Recording studio ownership can be one of those.

Here at PlethoraTone it seems I’m in a constant state of tech work – always something to repair, solder, update, fine-tune, adjust, replace or fix. Entropy abounds, and like the old repair tech says, “There’s a little bit of smoke in everything, and when it comes out it’s bad.”

If you would, the gear glass if half empty.

So it’s a darn good thing I like to resurrect stuff and breath life back into the electronic dead. As I approach the half-century mark, deciphering how things work is still something I really enjoy. Even when the glass may seem half empty.

Sometimes there’s the unexpected pleasure of helping something work a little bit better.

These are the moments that surprise – generating greater than expected results – and they are the best! Many times these opportunities come via creating work-arounds and unorthodox solutions. This experimentation is merely another extension of the creative recording process, and it can birth big rewards.

So, maybe the glass is actually half full?

While many folks don’t have the luxury to experiment, at PlethoraTone we live for it. We love to push audio boundaries throughout the entire creative process.

So next time when the 50W tube head smokes, don’t assume your glass is half empty. Remember the half full glass, and try something you never considered before……

We’re all in!

Mark Lange

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